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Smart Coaster

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3 Adjustable Temperature & Touch Sensor
Heat quickly in seconds, Touch Sensor for 3 heating settings (high, medium, low), keep the temperature at 40-60℃ (55℃ is best for drink ) with the smart heating system.

4 Smart Timing Switch
The 1st touch,the heating pad will be on; the 2nd touch, the heating pad will auto shut off after 4 hours; the 3rd touch, the heating pad will auto shut off after 8 hours;the 4th touch, the heating pad will auto shut off after 12 hours; if you forget to turn off it, it will auto shut off after 8 hours.

Convenient USB Cable
Powered by any devices with output 5V USB port, such as your computer, desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile power and so on, easy and convenient. Extended 1.2m cord length to use making you enjoy hot drinks whenever you want it.

Portable Coffee Warmer
Light weight and compact size, easy to carry and suitable for most stainless steel cup, feeding bottle, ceramic cup, glass cup, etc. Great for use at home and office, keeping you brew warm on cold days.

Safe & Premium Material
Adopt high-strength waterproof aluminum plate, easily wipes clean. Non-skid plate bottom to help support your mug and prevent spills.

Touch sensing, panel waterproof
Third gear adjustment, the temperature is free
Constant temperature insulation, up to 60 ° C
Time switch, four working modes
Convenient, flexible and versatile
Energy saving and environmental protection, 24 hours constant temperature waiting
Compact and lightweight, unlimited use scenarios
USB interface, safe and reliable

Product name: Heating Base
Product model: S06
Rated power: 10W
Product net weight: 170g
Packing size: 170X122X25mm

How to use
1. Place the thermal insulation base on a flat table, plug in the power supply, and place a water cup in the product heating plate area.
2.Touch the switch briefly, switch on (normally open) timing 4 hours, 8 hours, 12 hours, and turn off.
3. Touch the slider to set the temperature range, slide to the right to increase the temperature by one, and decrease the temperature to the left by one (the product has three levels of temperature, low, medium and high).
Indication panel instructions:
1. Display temperature setting gear, long LED low temperature red light bar is short, medium temperature red light bar is longer, high temperature red light bar is the longest.
2.Digital display timing on is normally open, 08 timing 8 hours, 12 timing 12 hours, the remaining time in timing work is less than 15 minutes, the time flashes.

Package List:
1X Heating Base


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