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Paw Jet Water Fountain

Paw Jet Water Fountain - MYPOPDEALS

Paw Jet Water Fountain

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Most pets instinctively prefer to drink from running water sources. This indicates that the water is likely fresh, clean, and safe for drinking.

Still water sources such as regular water bowls can be off-putting for pets, especially when left out to collect hair, dirt, food particles, and other debris.

As a result, we created the Paw Jet Water Fountain which aims to solve this issue and encourages your pet to stay properly hydrated and healthy!

   Encourages your Pet to Drink More

   Durable and Silent Pump

   Easy Setup & Cleanup

   Helps Manage Cystitis

   Long Lasting Filters Keep Water Clean

   Keeps your Cat Healthy and Hydrated

Prevents Health Issues

Dehydration results in a loss of water in your pet's body HOWEVER it also results in the loss of electrolytes such as sodium, potassium, and chloride which are all important for normal body function. 

Dehydration can not only impact your pet negatively but it can also lead to further health issues down the road. 

The Paw Jet Fountain encourages your pet to drink more and helps them maintain a healthy hydration level to prevent dehydration and health issues that can occur as a result of a lack of water. 

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Fresh Filtered Water 24/7

Thanks to our long-lasting, replaceable activated charcoal filters, the Paw Jet Fountain continuously purifies the water serving it in the cleanest, freshest, and tastiest form possible! Merely looking at the water will make your cat's mouth water!

Helps Manage Cystitis

Taking in more fluids allows cats bladders to be less irritated which can help reduce the risk of Cystitis and other urinary issues from reoccurring. The Paw Jet Fountain helps create a habit for your pet to actively drink water during the day which will help them fight and manage their Cystitis. 

Durable & Whisper Quiet Pump

The Paw Jet pump is completely silent! This way you can place the fountain anywhere in your home without having to worry about noise. Our pump is also very tough and made to last, so you can leave your fountain running 24/7. 

3 Different Flow Designs

Every cat is different! Some are puddle drinkers while others tap drinkers. The Paw Jet can switch between 3 different water modes: flower waterfall, flower bubble, and gentle fountain. The free-falling stream and bright colors attract pets to drink more water!


Effortless Setup & Cleanup

Setup is a breeze and can be done by anyone in just a few steps! Cleaning the fountain is also just as easy and is as fast as cleaning a regular water bowl.

What's in The Box

  • Paw Jet Water Fountain
  • Charcoal Ion Filter
  • DC Pump
  • User Manual
  • USB Connector (not including AC Adapter)

Benefits for Cats

Do you know if your cat is drinking enough water? Chances are you don’t really know because you rarely see them actually go to drink from their bowl.

Most cats don’t have good drinking habits. This traces back to the species early days as desert hunters. Ancient cats would get most of their water from prey such as mice and other rodents.

As a result, modern cats still possess these habits. Unfortunately, because of this most cats get far less moisture and hydration from their food as many are on a diet of food that is much drier than the moisture they would get from a rodent. In fact, most common cat food only contains around 6-10% of the moisture that a mouse or rat would have.  

This, combined with a cat’s ability to hide signs of health issues can cause a lot of complications during your pet’s life.


The Paw Jet fountain helps ensure that your cat stays properly hydrated and remains healthy.


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Cristen C - Wyoming, USA

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Courtney - Manchester, UK

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