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Glow-in-the-Dark Race Car Tracks Set

Glow-in-the-Dark Race Car Tracks Set - MYPOPDEALS

Glow-in-the-Dark Race Car Tracks Set

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Glowing Race Tracks Extension Set 162 pieces

Are you excited about getting your own Glowing Race Tracks as much as we are? You are about to make a really great decision by getting our Super Set. Combine your new set with one of our great extension sets and create even greater, better and more exciting tracks. Each set includes between 1 and 3 additional cars and 162-640 new track pieces. Excitement and joy will be limitless and you can create endless types of tracks and experiment with them.

Build your own race tracks within seconds. Sky is the limit when it comes to flexibility and possibilities and only your imagination seems to be a border. This great toy is not only super fun to play with, it even enhances creativity, fine motor skills, physical education (by playing with real toys) and helps your child developing problem solving skills that transfer even to school or kindergarten.

Don´t forget to enter our coupon code GET10 either on your shopping cart or checkout page to save yourself another 10% on top of our already reduced sales price when you order a bundle of the original Glowing Race Tracks Super Set and our Glowing Race Tracks Extension Set.




We are selling this set that comes with 240 race track pieces, one LED car that illuminates the tracks in the dark and stickers that make each track as individual as possible.

This special set is not sold in stores and includes more race tracks than usual. Make sure to pick yours up while it is still on sale for 50% off. Get this set now before it is gone for good.


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